Site History and Stats

This page documents the information needed to build our site in 2014, and the work that was done to build this database of '84 alums. It also contains updated stats.

How many students were in the JM class of 1984?

Our class had a total 555 students. This number includes classmates who moved or left before or during our senior year, but does not include any student who left previously. 

How did we come up the total list of students?

ISD 535 did not retain any official documentation from 1984. To come up with a master list of students, we merged the names from our yearbook and commencement program.  

How many students have been "found" so far?

  • 2013 - The 30th reunion committee was given contact information for 50 classmates, or about 9% of all 555 students. We were also aware that 6 of our classmates had passed.
  • 2014 - After months of research, we were able to find contact information for 429 total classmates*, about 79% of students. This included 17 classmates we discovered had passed away.

  • 2024 - We were able to add more classmates over the last decade. We now have contact information for 499 classmates*, or about 90% of us. Sadly, we have now lost 33 classmates. 

* Because we send email notifications, any classmate whose profile does not include an email address (even if we have a physical address) is still classified as "missing." If you have information about any one of these classmates, please follow the instructions on the Missing Classmates page.