Q & A

The following questions are based on those that have been asked of members of the 30th reunion committee. We welcome your questions or feedback to JMHSRochester84@gmail.com.

What's the point of having a website for our class? 

The 30th reunion committee determined that our classmates—not the reunion event itself—should be the focus of our efforts. We believed strongly that a reunion should be an entirely INCLUSIVE event.

This meant:

  1. The reunion committee wouldn't focus on our personal friends or our former group of friends. Reunions are for everyone.
  2. The reunion committee had to be persistent in identifying and locating the classmates for whom there was little or no information. 
  3. The reunion committee had to be sensitive and diligent to find and honor classmates who have passed away. 
  4. The reunion committee had to provide a database for future committees and reunions. 

Because it serves as both a "living database" and a way to connect with one another, the www.JMHSRochester84.com website helps us to meet our 4 primary objectives.

How many students were in the JM class of 1984?

Our class had a total 542 students. This includes classmates who moved or left before or during our senior year.

How did you come up the total list of students?

Through a lot of hard work! Past reunion committees didn't have a complete list either. First, we talked to ISD 535. There wasn't a database of classmates from 1984, so they sent us a copy of our 1984 commencement program. We used this to enter the first, middle, and last names of each graduate into an Excel spreadsheet by hand. Next, we entered the names from all our high school yearbooks into the spreadsheet. And finally, we cross-referenced the names and eliminated the duplicates. This resulted in our master list of 542.

If your primary goal was to locate former classmates, how successful have you been?

In June 2013, the past reunion organizer sent us a list of classmates. It contained partial contact information (email, mailing address, or phone number) for 50 classmates, or about 9% of all 542 students. At that time, we were also aware that 6 of our classmates had passed.

Since then, we've used Facebook, the phone book, various online tools, and person-to-person phone calls to find missing classmates. By mid-2014, we'd found contact information for 429 classmates, or about 79% of everyone. Sadly, we also discovered that many more of our classmates had passed away than we previously realized.

We're proud of how many classmates we've found so far, but we continue to search! If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of our missing classmates, please contact us at JMHSRochester84@gmail.com.