Teachers and Staff

The following table lists most of the teachers and staff included in our 1984 Rochord yearbook. Sadly, many of our beloved educators have passed away since our time at John Marshall. Life dates and links to obituaries are listed whenever possible. 
A special thanks to my mother-in-law, Pat (Rohrbaugh) Green, and other retired JM faculty members who meet regularly and contributed to this page. ~Ed.  

  Last Name                   First Name              Subject     Life Dates
  Arntson Donna Home Economics    
  Austinson Paul Counseling    
  Ballard Richard Phy Ed/Health    
  Barbes Gust Social Studies    
  Barnett Ray Health    
  Besse Jo Anne English    
Bjurquist Alton Business 7/22/1923 5/3/2000
Branca Lou Phy Ed 6/29/1928 1/6/2023
Buechler Fred Science 7/1/1928 8/9/2005
  Bushlack Luverne Horticulture    
Carlson Judith English/Drama unknown
  Case Doug Art    
  Casalenuovo Anthony Social Studies    
  Christianson Chris Math    
  Clements Robert Music    
Cordes Martin Science 4/9/1926 5/1/2018
  Dealing Bonnie ESL    
Drews John Social Studies 6/11/1928 3/2/2006
  Dvorak Harold Business    
  Eichhorn Glen Industrial Arts    
  Engelhardt Kerwin Athletic Director    
  Espinda Herb Counseling    
  Evans Evonne Phy Ed    
Everson Tom English 1/26/1940 9/24/2014
Fett Donna English/Reading 3/1/1926 1/2/2013
  Frame William Math    
  Gaustad Wayne Math    
  Ginther Pat English    
  Green Leanne English    
  Gulson Cecelia Social Studies    
  Harkins Charles English    
Hoffart (Bailey) Roberta Business 9/13/1928 10/11/2017
  Hoover Gary Industrial Arts    
  Ilstrup Diane Administration    
  Jeffries Janet Social Studies    
  Johnson Carol English    
Johnson Jennings Administration 6/27/1927 7/9/2011
Johnson Roy Administration 3/4/1934 2/3/2019
  Kelly Paul Science    
  Ketterling Lloyd Music    
Knipschield Wayne Phy Ed 2/13/1925 8/6/2013
  Kolpek Lanny Music    
  Kueker Ted English    
Larson Keith Math 11/20/1935 4/9/2020
  Larson LeRoy Foreign Language    
  Livesay Beverly English    
Luhman Joel English   10/4/1991
Mattson Burlin "Bud" English 12/3/1933 3/17/2017
McCoy John Art 11/9/1937 3/26/2021
  McKay Nancy Science    
  Meyer Robert Business    
  Miner James Business    
  Munson Greg Science    
  Nagel Donald Math    
Narveson Jerry Counseling 6/16/1935 11/16/2021
  Nau Jerry Industrial Arts    
  Nichols Sharon Foreign Language    
  Ollhoff Del Industrial Arts    
Pitkin David Math 9/19/1942 8/22/2011
Porath Robert Industrial Arts 1922 7/15/2009
  Prom Elaine Home Economics    
  Putnam William Math    
  Rilterath Linda ESL    
Rittenhouse Fred English 7/5/1925 8/17/2016
  Rohrbaugh (Green) Patricia Library    
  Rosedahl Robert Social Studies    
  Rosenquist Darwin Science    
Sack Gene Social Studies 1925 2/21/2002
  Schroeder Roy English/Reading    
  Sheets Craig Social Studies    
Sollien Arden English 8/20/1935 12/19/2014
  Stephans Earl Counseling    
Strom Allen Science 11/9/1938 6/30/2014
  Sundry Tom English    
Tidball Esther Reading 8/1/1921 4/15/2015
  Tveit Myron Industrial Arts    
  Vowels Darlene English    
Walker Marlene ESL 6/16/1936 5/14/2018
Werner Ron Social Studies 11/4/1934 6/20/2020
White Ron Social Studies 3/9/1936 12/27/2013
Williams  J. Richard "Snuffy" Social Studies 10/22/1942 2/20/2003
Wold Al Math 5/28/1925 2/18/2016

If you know of a teacher or staff member who should be added to this page, or if you have additional information about anyone listed, please let us know