Teachers and Staff

The following is a list of most of the teachers and staff included in our 1984 Rochord yearbook. Sadly, many of our educators have passed away since our time at John Marshall. Birth/death dates and links to obituaries are listed whenever possible.    

  Last Name                   First Name              Subject   Birth Death
  Arntson Donna Home Economics    
  Austinson Paul Counseling    
  Ballard Richard Phy Ed/Health    
  Barbes Gust Social Studies    
  Barnett Ray Health    
  Besse Jo Anne English    
Bjurquist Alton Business 7/22/1923 - 5/3/2000
Branca Lou Phy Ed 6/29/1928 - 1/6/2023
Buechler Fred Science 7/1/1928 - 8/9/2005
  Bushlack Luverne Horticulture    
Carlson Judith English/Drama unknown
  Case Doug Art    
  Casalenuovo Anthony Social Studies    
  Christianson Chris Math    
  Clements Robert Music    
Cordes Martin Science 4/9/1926 - 5/1/2018
  Dealing Bonnie ESL    
Drews John Social Studies 6/11/1928 - 3/2/2006
  Dvorak Harold Business    
  Eichhorn Glen Industrial Arts    
  Engelhardt Kerwin Athletic Director    
  Espinda Herb Counseling    
  Evans Evonne Phy Ed    
Everson Tom English 1/26/1940 - 9/24/2014
Fett Donna English/Reading 3/1/1926 - 1/2/2013
  Frame William Math    
  Gaustad Wayne Math    
  Ginther Pat English    
  Green Leanne English    
  Gulson Cecelia Social Studies    
  Harkins Charles English    
Hoffart (Bailey) Roberta Business 9/13/1928 - 10/11/2017
  Hoover Gary Industrial Arts    
  Ilstrup Diane Administration    
  Jeffries Janet Social Studies    
  Johnson Carol English    
Johnson Jennings Administration 6/27/1927 - 7/9/2011
Johnson Roy Administration 3/4/1934 - 2/3/2019
  Kelly Paul Science    
  Ketterling Lloyd Music    
Knipschield Wayne Phy Ed 2/13/1925 - 8/6/2013
  Kolpek Lanny Music    
  Kueker Ted English    
Larson Keith Math 11/20/1935 - 4/9/2020
  Larson LeRoy Foreign Language    
  Livesay Beverly English    
Luhman Joel English ? - 10/4/1991
Mattson Burlin "Bud" English 12/3/1933 - 3/17/2017
McCoy John Art 11/9/1937 - 3/26/2021
  McKay Nancy Science    
  Meyer Robert Business    
  Miner James Business    
  Munson Greg Science    
  Nagel Donald Math    
Narveson Jerry Counseling 6/16/1935 - 11/16/2021
  Nau Jerry Industrial Arts    
  Nichols Sharon Foreign Language    
  Ollhoff Del Industrial Arts    
Pitkin David Math 9/19/1942 - 8/22/2011
Porath Robert Industrial Arts 1922 - 7/15/2009
  Prom Elaine Home Economics    
  Putnam William Math    
  Rilterath Linda ESL    
Rittenhouse Fred English 7/5/1925 - 8/17/2016
  Rohrbaugh (Green) Patricia Library    
  Rosedahl Robert Social Studies    
  Rosenquist Darwin Science    
Sack Gene Social Studies 1925 - 2/21/2002
  Schroeder Roy English/Reading    
  Sheets Craig Social Studies    
Sollien Arden English 8/20/1935 - 12/19/2014
  Stephans Earl Counseling    
Strom Allen Science 11/9/1938 - 6/30/2014
  Sundry Tom English    
Tidball Esther Reading 8/1/1921 - 4/15/2015
  Tveit Myron Industrial Arts    
  Vowels Darlene English    
Walker Marlene ESL 6/16/1936 - 5/14/2018
Werner Ron Social Studies 11/4/1934 - 6/20/2020
White Ron Social Studies 3/9/1936 - 12/27/2013
Williams  J. Richard "Snuffy" Social Studies 10/22/1942 - 2/20/2003
Wold Al Math 5/28/1925 - 2/18/2016

If you know of a teacher or staff member who should be added to this page, or if you have additional information about anyone listed, please let us know